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What is a word brain solver? It’s a program that helps you solve the game Word Brain.

Word Brain is a word search puzzle where you are required to find words contained within a grid of characters. You are provided with the length of each word, but you need to choose the right characters so that you can get the word needed. One of the most rewarding features of the game is that characters need not be in a straight line for you to match them to form a word. If one character can reach another character diagonally, you can connect them to form a word.word brain solver solves hard puzzles like the one shown

Solve the Puzzle

If you love challenging your brain, then this is the perfect game for you. It is not only an analytical game but also a verbal game. You find words by selecting letters that are adjacent to each other. If you ask anybody who has had experience with the game, they will attest to the fact that they have become drawn to it from the moment they began level I. The feeling of defeat is not a thing that can be tolerated by puzzle enthusiasts. They pride themselves in finding the correct words to solve the puzzle and steer their way up through the levels.

What are the Secrets to Successfully Solving Word Brain Puzzles?

It is worth noting that the levels get more challenging as you advance from one stage to the next. The first level can be as easy as gulping down a glass of water, but as you move on, it seems as if you will be swallowing a lot more than you can chew. But isn’t this what a game should be about? From my experience with a variety of games, I have realized that any game that is too easy to solve can end up being boring and routine. Every game enthusiast understands that for a game to be worth their salt they need to be able to think out of the box and solve the word no matter the complexity.

Like all other games, WordBrain also gives you hints to the word that you are looking for. But you need to know that the hints are just boosts to get you going, and they are limited. If you are at the much easier levels, you can save the hints for the more complex levels. By doing so, you will avoid getting stuck in the harder puzzles. But if you feel that you have stagnated too much, then there is a solution for you- WordBrain Solver

How Does the Word Brain Solver Work?

Well, the WordBrain solver works by analyzing the grid of characters and searching in an English dictionary to narrow down the possibilities to a few searches. What the solver does is that it performs a complete search of possible words by starting from each character in the grid to build all possible combination of words from the available characters. When it finds a word of the required length, it isolates the characters of the word and begins another search for a word with the next required length from the remaining characters.

Once it finds the most likely solutions to the puzzle, it ranks them in order of priority to present the most correct solutions first. The solutions are displayed on the left side of the game, so you can be able to view them easily. At this stage, you might now be wondering how you can find the most probable solution. The answer is quite straightforward- First, the solver only presents a vast array of words that are most likely to be in the puzzle. But you are the one who can see the best possibility since you have the characters and the length of the word. You can then be able to choose the most likely solution to the puzzle after considering all possibilities and eliminating the ones that do not fit the puzzle.

Benefits of the Word Brain Solver

  • It gives you a wide array of solutions to the puzzle, not just feasible solutions.
  • Uses English word dictionary to find relevant words that might be possible solutions to the puzzle.
  • Has a ranking feature that presents the most likely solutions first.
  • Completely exhausts word searches by starting with each character in the grid to find all possible words.
  • Speeds up the search process by reducing time spent thinking through the possible word formation on your own.

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  1. I had got so far with Word Brain. At one point I could not solve a 2-letter word. Any word in English requires a vowel. Having paid for clues to help me out, I was advised that the elusive word was ‘TV’. If compilers of Word Brain don’t understand what a word is, why should I pay? So I scrapped the app.

  2. I have reached wordbrain elephant size level 16 and I cannot get past this. I achieved 5 out of 6 words but the last one-fold-is impossible to get using diagonal/up/down sequence. Please help. M

  3. I have reached goldfish 12. I know all the words but cannot get them in the right order. I have been on this puzzle for weeks. Nothing works. I need help so I can continue

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