Cell Phone Spy Software Revealed

Cell Phone Spy Software Revealed

Cell phone spy software and similar spy applications are compatible with all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. After the cell phone spy app has been installed on the target device, you can track activity on any phone from a control panel accessed from a different device.

Uses for Cell Phone Spy Software

Cell phone spy software and cell phone spy apps are like a “mobile spy” and are mostly used by concerned parents feel the need to monitor their child’s cell phone activity. Most spy software and tracking software can be installed onto the target phone without even having to gain access to the phone.

monitoring child’s cell phone activity

There are many dangers due to the technological advances of society today. Gaining access to a child’s phone with a spy application in order to monitor their text messages and other activities allows for parents to maintain some control over what their child is doing and is exposed to. Keep an eye on what they are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp chat and all other social media.

monitoring cheating partner

Other target users include adults who suspect that their partner is cheating on them also turn to a spy program or app as a means to find out the truth. Phone numbers, the phone camera, and even the phone screen can be monitored with the right app. But when it comes to issues of privacy, is spy software allowing for more advantages or is it exposing users to consequential disadvantages?

Types of Cell Phone Spy Software

Most cell phone spy software comes in the form of apps that can be downloaded onto any smartphone and most come free of charge. Users must be aware, however, that there are some decent and high-quality apps available, while others simply don’t work.

The key to locating the best spy software program is to find a legitimate app that will work. Most of the legitimate apps require the user to have access to the phone they are trying to monitor so that they can download the intended application. If the app you are looking at says otherwise, then it probably isn’t going to work how it claims it should.

1. Sure Point Spy – $29.99 per Month

Sure Point Spy is compatible with either Android or iPhone devices and is reported as being the number one cell phone tracker app that is available. With this app, the user can monitor text messages and emails, check the target’s browser history, and even listen in on conversations.

It also does all of the following:

  • Monitors social media accounts
  • View incoming and outgoing calls as they happen
  • Take photos remotely using the viewfinder
  • GPS tracking
  • Access the target phone’s contact list

2. mSpy – Packages from $30 to $230

mSpy is spy software that works best on iPhones and iPads, but some features only work on Android devices. It is easy to use, and they have helpful customer service agents on standby for whenever you may need them. It includes the standard features that most spy software has such as SMS monitoring and GPS tracking. This spy software is ideal for parents who wish to monitor their children’s activities.

It also does the following:

  • Keylogs all keystrokes. This feature will only work on Android devices
  • Gives you the ability to block certain websites and apps
  • Geo-Fencing so you can be aware of whether or not your kids are entering an area that you told them to stay away from
  • You can deactivate the license on one device and reactivate it on another

3. Phone Sheriff – $49 for Six Months

Phone Sheriff is worth the subscription fee once you see how many features are included with their service. Installation onto the intended target device is straightforward and easy, and you have all the perks of standard services like text and email monitoring and photo and video logging.

It also does the following:

  • Social network monitoring from within the actual apps
  • Ability to set time restrictions
  • Geofencing for location monitoring
  • Profanity alert and keyword filters
  • Ability to block certain apps and websites

Can the Target Phone Tell If There Is Spy Software Installed?

There are a few small and subtle ways you can detect spy software if you being to suspect that someone might have installed something on the phone to track what you are doing. Some of these signs may be:

  • Your phone may be acting strangely. Maybe it slowed down, and there is more lag than usual, or it shuts down and restarts without warning
  • Do you hear any background noise coming from the phone? Most of the spy software can record phone calls so there might be some light background noise that you may be able to pick up on
  • Does your battery drain a lot faster than normal all of a sudden? It could be the extra power to run the spy software app
  • Random SMS messages that contain just numbers or letters could be a sign that the software is sending a code to the device
  • Has your data usage experienced an abnormally high increase from previous months? Sometimes, this may go unnoticed due to the apps transferring smaller files due to upgrades, but the older apps may still have bigger file transfers which can cut in on the amount of data

How Can You Remove Spy Software?

You can easily uninstall spy software from an iPhone by updating or reinstalling the iOS. For a spy program to work on any iPhone, the phone must be jailbroken before being able to install the software.

Factory Reset

You do not have to possess any technical skills to uninstall spy software from your device. The easiest way to get rid of this software is by performing a factory reset on the device.

Factory resets will uninstall everything and restore the phone or device back to the state it was in when it was first purchased and used. Always backup your phone or device before taking this method or you can lose vital information you may need.

Be sure to back up your photos, contacts, address book, and videos. Do not back up any existing apps or you may run the risk of backing up the very software you intend to remove.

The factory reset option is usually found under the settings on the device. Select no when it asks if you want to re-install or retain any or all of your applications. Follow the instructions on the device to restore your device.

Update Operating System

Updating the operating system does not guarantee that you will remove the spy software, but it will stop the software from continuing to monitor what happens. Updating the operating system will also remove your jailbreak or Android rooting, so keep this in mind.

For Android devices, the best course of action would be the factory reset, but for iPhones, it might be best just to update the operating system.

Cell Phone Spy Software and Privacy

Spy software can be seen as an invasion of privacy and can be an extremely intrusive way of monitoring another person’s cell phone. Before using the software, it is best to do your research and find out which software is legitimate and find out whether or not the company is in good standing and has a good reputation.

Spouses, parents and even employers use spy software to track and monitor conversations, emails, browsing history, and social media accounts. To get around the legalities of the spy software, the companies that offer it put a disclosure on their sites stating that the user must get prior permission from the owner of the intended target phone before installing any spy software.

The use of this software is a controversial topic, and you should know your rights and what you can do if you feel spy software was unfairly used to monitor your device.


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