The Gizmo Gadget: What’s So Special About It?

Gizmo Gadget

As a parent, it is important to get in touch with your child whenever you need to, especially when they are away from home without your presence. You want to know where they are, who they are with, and ultimately that they are safe. The Gizmo Gadget is a wristwatch-like cell phone provided by the carrier Verizon Wireless and is made by the company LG.

Many children want to believe that they are independent, which is not usually the case. With the use of up-to-date technology, you can give your child a sense of independence while keeping a watchful eye on them. The Gizmo Gadget is designed with that very fact in mind. While they are wearing the Gizmo Gadget, you will be able to contact them via messaging or a phone call.


  • The face of the device is a 1.3” touch screen. There are two buttons underneath the screen, one with the depiction of a call going out, and the other with the depiction of ending a call.

Gizmo Gadget Device

  • The device is 1.49” in width and 1.93” in height.
  • The wristband of the Gizmo Gadget is replaceable in case of wear and tear. Extra wristbands can come in a variety of colors different than the ones available in store.
  • The Gizmo Gadget is waterproof, so your child does not need to take extra precaution around water. Kids can be forgetful sometimes and play rough, so this means that the Gizmo Gadget will last longer than a regular cell phone.
  • There is an option for read-out text that is enabled through the Gizmo Hub app. The device will read any messages or calls out loud and anything on the screen display.
  • There is a drop-down menu on the display. When someone swipes down on the touch screen a control panel will show up on the screen. It displays the percentage of battery life that is left, an on/off option, and volume control. When the screen is swiped up, there is an option to send a location check-in to the Gizmo Hub app.
  • Through the app, you can enable the Gizmo Gadget to automatically answer after ten seconds of ringing to be able to hear your child’s surroundings.
  • Currently comes in either the color red or navy.
  • Comes with a travel adapter and USB cord.

The Gizmo Hub Application

You can monitor your child’s whereabouts by using the Gizmo Gadget app on your smartphone called Gizmo Hub. It is compatible with both Android phones (4.0 version and up) and iPhones (iOS 7 and up). For every Gizmo Gadget device, there can be up to nine extra authorized contacts to access information through the app alongside the initial setup. These additional contacts have to be registered through the app before being able to see the information about the device and have authority over it. Each carrier plan can have up to 20 total contacts if there’s more than one Gizmo Gadget on the phone plan.

The Gizmo Hub app allows you to see your child’s exact location through the GPS installed in the Gizmo Gadget that they are wearing around their wrist. Through the app, you can also set geographical boundaries. If your child steps outside of a boundary that you have set, the Gizmo Hub app will send a notification to your phone alerting you of the occurrence.

Through the app, you – as an authorized contact – can send messages to the device and call it. You also have complete control over the settings. You have the power to change the ringtone of the Gizmo Gadget to one of seven ringtones; change the volume of the ringtone, sounds, and call volume; set it so it makes a sound when the screen is touched; add fun sounds to five different themes on the Gizmo Gadget; change the themes of the display; silence all of the sounds; and set up a quiet time where all sounds are muted for a chosen period of time.

What Does the Gizmo Gadget Do Specifically?

The Gizmo Gadget can only make calls or send messages to the ten contacts registered through the app. This means they can only receive calls and messages from those ten contacts as well. When sending messages, the Gizmo Gadget can send emojis, voice recordings, and preset messages. Voice recordings can be up to 20 seconds long and the voice can be changed to a character’s voice out of the four provided. The brief, preset messages (up to nine can be preset) are designed for a quick reply that will provide effective communication. All preset messages can be edited through the app as well.

The device comes equipped with a fitness tracker that will record the amount of steps taken during a day and how many jumps are done while jump roping. This will promote a more active lifestyle for your child. They will be able to see the progress they made in real time and even make a game out of it. The pedometer is enabled through the app.

A compass on the Gizmo Gadget shows the cardinal points and will point to the direction that the wearer is going. It will also list the direction they are going in on the app. Along with the compass, there is a timer and stopwatch on the device. The Gizmo Gadget can record times (if your child is playing games with others, this is a great function) and it can also conduct countdowns. The Gizmo Gadget comes complete with an extremely easy-to-use and understand interface.

Gizmo Gadget Interface

There is a notification along with animation that plays when a message is received on the Gizmo Gadget, just like a regular cell phone. Due to the fact the volume can also be controlled from the app, the call or message will not go unheard or noticed.


You can buy the Gizmo Gadget at for $44.95 to $129.95, depending on the version you buy. The Gizmo Gadget costs $149.99 for a two-year contract through Verizon Wireless. Each carrier plan may differ, so additional costs may be added.


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